If accepted as an AOK Scholar
we will need your unofficial college transcript.
You may upload it now.
(Only PDF files are accepted)
  Legal First Name  
  Legal Last Name  
  Nickname or preferred name  
  Current Street Address
(include apt.#)
  Zip Code  
  Cell Phone #  
  Email Address  
  Birth Date  
  Gender Identity  
  How did you hear about AOK?  
In what year did you receive your Diploma or GED?
  Are you the first person in your family to attend college?  
  What is your current school?
(Vocational School, Community College, University)
  What is your aniticipated graduation date?  
  Are you associated with a support agency such as:
Educate Tomorrow (ET), Community Based Care (CBC),
FSU Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE)
or other entity?
  What is your cumulative college GPA?  
  Do you already have any of the following degrees?  
  Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree  
  School Status: I am seeking a/an:  
  How many college credits have you earned?  
  How many more credits do you need to graduate?  
  What is your intended area of study or major?  
  Do you have any of the following tuition waivers?  
  FL DCF Tuition & Fee Exemption Waiver
(Foster Care)
FL Homeless Fee Exemption Waiver
FSU Cares Program Other Waiver
  How much do you receive on a semester basis from:  
PELL Grant


Other Financial Aid

Other Semester Income

Direct Subsidized Loan

Direct Un-Subsidized Loan

Total per Semester
  What is your monthly income (average from last six months) from:  


Other Monthly Income

Total Monthly Income

*Postsecondary Education Services and Support is a state program for eligible
former foster youth to receive financial support, valued at $1,256 if eligible.
  What is your primary means of transportation?  
  Do you receive food stamps (SNAP)?  
  What is the total amount of your monthly expenses, including rent?  
  What is the total amount of your monthly rent expense?  
  How financially independent are you regarding day-to-day expenses?
(Select the option most reflective of your situation over the last six months)

  When there is an unexpected expense that comes up in life,I can usually
cover it if it is less than: (Check the one generally applicable)

  If you can't pay all your monthly expenses, who pays them?  
  How many of your own children are you responsible for?  
  How many roommates do you have that share rent?  
  Do you live in a group home?  
  Are you adopted?